Trump-Loving ‘Freedom Kids’ Perform Creepy/Xenophobic Routine At Rally

Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign has become a parody of itself. It’s a joke. It has to be. Only it bloody well isn’t and this guy, this FREAKING guy, is leading the Republican primaries.

At his recent rally in Pensacola, Florida, some young kidlets belonging to a troupe legit called ‘Freedom Kids’ (I wish I was joking) performed a super creepy routine – called ‘The Official Donald Trump Jam‘ – in which they spouted Trump’s brand of xenophobia thinly disguised as patriotism.

“Enemies of freedom face the music – c’mon boys, take them down!,” Alexis (8), Bianca (10), Izzy (10), Sarah (12) and Victoria (12) sing, performing a song and clap routine to a couple hundred clammy white faces who cement their place as the worst people in America when they start clapping.
Luckily and/or terribly for all of us, FOX News recorded and published the exploration abomination, which couldn’t not be more Yanky-fucking-Doodle if Uncle Sam and Ronald McDonald double-teamed a bald eagle while spraying bullets from their rightfully-owned rifles to the tune of The Star-Spangled Banner

Here’s a selection of that jaunty diatribe:


Are you serious?

Apologies for freedom, I can’t handle this!

When freedom rings, answer the call!

On your feet, stand up tall!

Freedom’s on our shoulders, USA!

Enemies of freedom face the music, c’mob boys, take them down!

President Donald Trump knows how to make America great.

Deal with strength or get crushed every time.

Farewell, sweet world.

Source: Fox News.