The lead-up to November’s US presidential election has been defined by the notion of the outsider. 

On both sides of the Republican and Democrat divide, the ‘establishment’ picks have been challenged by unfiltered political dark horses; Jeb Bush was thrashed by a belligerent Donald Trump, and while Hillary Clinton has run away with the votes, the delightfully crotchetty Bernie Sanders proved himself to be a very real contender. 
While similar in some ways – both have captured the hearts and minds of a genuinely disenfranchised voter base – their differences can also be summed up by their reactions to birdlife:

Now, seemingly bored of not having any direct competitors to stomp, Trump has responded to Sanders’ invitation to debate. Mano-E-Mano. Just two crazy, old New Yorkers spitting hot fire about income inequality and how the system is rigged. 
On the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Great Orange One even came across as sympathetic to the plight of his opponent; seemingly left without a podium after Clinton shitcanned a proposed debate ahead of the all-important California primary, Sanders extended the invitation to his diametrically-opposed foe. 

Of course, you’ll notice a caveat there: the bloke wants beaucoup bucks to put the thing on. In some sick way, that makes sense, as the guy is guaranteed to draw eyes – hence, advertising dollaz – to whatever channel the debate spews onto. 
Keep in mind, these things operate pretty differently from how we do ’em down under. Our leaders debate over the sound of meat raffles in RSL halls. The Yanks turn them into absolute bloody spectacles. 
While that cash would presumably be passed on to charities, it’s worth noting the chances of this actually happening are maddeningly slim. The powers that be surely wouldn’t let two forces of nature tag-team Clinton in such a public setting.
However, it would be bloody grand to see this play out IRL:

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube. 
Photo: Spencer Pratt / David F. Gasser / Getty.