To crudely paraphrase old mate Bill Shakespeare, it is very human to fuck up. We all make spelling mistakes. I personally make a lot of them – there’s even a fair chance there’s one in this paragraph. There’s nothing particularly extraordinary about making a spelling mistake in a tweet. Most of my tweets are unintelligible thanks to a spelling error or missing word, and even if one happens to be grammatically correct, it’s probably still unintelligible because I did it when I was drunk and suddenly developed strong feelings about ‘Groundhog Day‘.

What is extraordinary is when a man who is, by some measure, the most powerful man in the world with a media team designed to stop him from doing exactly this tweets half a sentence ending on a nonsense word and leaves it up for over an hour.

At 12:06 am, just six minutes after midnight, Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, tweeted the following missive to his 31,954,793 followers:

Despite the constant negative press covfefe

Unlike his usual errors, which he quickly corrects by deleting and reposting the tweet to make it baffling in the normal way instead of baffling in the typo way, this one stayed up. And up and up and up. At time of writing, it’s still up an hour and a half later. 

We’d link you to it but, eventually, he’s going to rid of it (surely), so here’s a screenshot:

Trump Has Baffled The Internet With A Tweet Even More Incoherent Than Usual

Did he fall asleep mid-tweet? Hand mashing the ‘send’ button as he gently dosed off to dream about driving a giant drunk shaped like an eagle? We have no way of knowing. 

Some people have some theories, though:

Regardless of what happened, as with every one of Trump’s weird gaffes and foibles, people are having fun with it. Possibly too much fun.


I for one am looking forward to right-wingers madly scramble to pretend like ‘covfefe‘ is a real word that they actually use all the time and it’s the fake news media who are out of touch.

Photo: Getty Images / Win McNamee.