The international nightmare of “covfefe” is finally over. Kind of. But not really.

U.S. President Donald Trump has finally deleted one of the most infamous tweets of his long and undistinguished Twitter career, hours after his bizarre message emerged on the social media platform.

Trump Finally Deleted “Covfefe” But His Follow-Up Makes Even Less Sense

The supremely cooked bloke has now issued a hand-waving response to the misspelled and half-baked message, implying that it was somehow a 5D chess ruse, and not the result of falling asleep with this thumb on ‘post’. 

Personally, we think he’s saying covfefe has become too commercialised, and its true meaning found in selfless love, giving, and togetherness. A touching sentiment from a man whose only established motivation is other people’s money. 

Beleaguered White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was also pressed on the issue, and delivered a response so obviously contrived that you can practically hear his last shred of integrity wailing away like a long-suppressed fart. 

Since that ‘explanation’, Trump has posted a scattergun assortment of ‘normal’ messages, covering topics as disparate as the Paris climate change agreement, his recent orb-clutching overseas trip, and Kathy Griffin’s photoshoot with Trump’s faux decapitated head.

While this whole saga has been patently ridiculous, it does imply a lot about Trump’s White House, and his aides’ apparently inability to do anything when the top dog fucks up. Watch this spafefe.

Source: Donald Trump / Twitter.
Photo: Pool / Getty.