Trump Simply Cannot Stop Falsely Claiming That His Dad Was Born In Germany

When I was maybe 9 or 10, I tried to convince my friends that I could do a Misty Flip on a snowboard. This was a highly improbable story: I was, I must stress, 9 or 10 years old, I had never been to the snow, and I was one of history’s most uncoordinated children. It’s difficult to understand why I thought this would be believable, but you can understand why I lied: it would be cool as hell if true. It would make me cool. I simply cannot understand why Trump would lie about where his father was born — a lie that is extraordinarily easy to disprove and results in basically zero gain.

Trump has, not for the first time, wheeled this lie out, baffling just about everyone. Speaking at a meeting with NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg at the White House, Trump praised Angela Merkel and once again claimed that his father was born in Germany: “I have great respect for Angela, and I have great respect for the country. My father is German, right, was German, and born in a very wonderful place in Germany, and so I have a great feeling for Germany, but they’re not paying what they should be paying.

That wonderful place in Germany that his father, Frederick Christ Trump, was born? None other than The Bronx, in beautiful New York City, New York. As I said before, this is not the first time Trump has done this. He made the claim last year at a NATO summit in Brussels (“I have great respect for Germany; my father is from Germany“), and also during a trip to Scotland (“Don’t forget both my parents were born in EU sectors, OK? I mean, my mother was Scotland, my father was Germany“), and also on Fox News (“My parents were born in the European Union“).

[jwplayer pxg4NllT]

This isn’t even some trick of semantics — it’s not like he was born in New York but grew up in Germany, he spent his early life entirely in the US. Baffling. Some people are speculating that he is confusing his father with his German-born grandfather, Friedrich, but that is really just as mystifying.

Is he a compulsive liar or is his brain just full of holes like Swiss cheese? You be the judge.