6 Podcasts That Are True Crime But Won’t Scare The Shit Out Of You

Some of us can’t get enough scares and frights. For others, even the mention of some psycho creeping around watching their victim is enough to give them the heebie-jeebies. So what to you do if you love true crime podcasts but find yourself constantly terrified by them?

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You head on over to these excellent poddies and listen to them! We’ve rounded up a bunch of A-grade crimey podcasts that won’t rob you of sleep – yep, even if you listen before bed. Whether they’re not about murders or simply mixed with comedy (it’s possible) these are the poddies to pop in your ears when you’ve heard one too many detailed creepy ones.

1. All Aussie Mystery Hour

Lol guys, you’re on Pedestrian.TV! Ofc we’re going to pop ours at the top of the list. But also – please do come have a listen if you love a yarn about true crime and the paranormal. Our chatty style makes even the scariest of tales far less eerie, even when we’re telling you about ghosts.

2. My Favourite Murder

This is the podcast that inspired AAMH – two California-based women who met at a party and realised they both really liked chatting about true crime, to the point where everyone thought they were weird. Now, they do it for a living – they’re funny but respectful, and always tell a good story.

3. The Dropout

Moving away from murders, The Dropout covers the wild story of Theranos, a blood-testing company founded by 19-year-old Elizabeth Holmes. Turns out the company was, well, dodgy – but the level of dodgy and Elizabeth’s efforts to cover shit up will have you gasping. It’s a crazy ride but it’s definitely not scary to listen to.

4. Who The Hell Is Hamish?

Another non-murdery crime tale, and an Aussie one at that, the wool-pulling this Hamish guy does – a true con artist and also massive asshole – is insane. By the end of his crime rampage he’d stolen around 7 million dollars from innocent folks who trusted the guy. It’s enthralling and also no one dies.

5. Crime Junkie

Another chatty true crime podcast, Crime Junkie does things differently by telling you the case in full before deep diving in conversation. This might make it a BIT too scary for some people, but the end chat is definitely relaxed enough to not get the creeps.

6. American Scandal

Each series tackles a different topic, but season one focuses on BALCO and the damning steroid sports scandal that embroiled huge names in America like Marion Jones in the early 00s. It’s fascinating stuff but given it’s about sports stars taking performance-enhancing drugs, it’s not exactly scary.