A truck carrying a 20 tonnes of Bega Cheese shut down the Princes Highway in NSW‘s south coast for up to 12 hours last night, when it rolled, skidded to a halt 100 metres down the hill, and spilt its load over both lanes, creating a deliciously gooey road hazard.

The accident occurred near Jerrawangala, near Nowra, at about 10:30pm last night, causing a traffic nightmare. At one point, cars were backed down the road for as far as 12km (down past Wandandian, if that means anything to ‘ya). 

Emergency crews worked through the night to get things moving again, including physically getting down on hand and knee and scraping cheese off the road. Guys. You are not being paid near enough.

By about 11am this morning, traffic was once again moving normally, with the vast tonnes of cheese on their way back to the factory to be weighed for insurance purposes.

The driver was taken to hospital suffering from shock, and is in a stable condition.

Source: 7 News / SMH.
Photo: Ainslie DrewittSmith / Twitter.