Troy Newman, noted dickface and anti-abortionist, has spent the past 24 hours detained by the Australian Border Force, after his Australian visa was revoked by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and yet tried to enter the country anyway.

His lawyers won a 24-hour reprieve from deportation, leaving him free (so-to-speak) to lodge a High Court bid to have Dutton’s decision overturned so he could remain on our shores.


He remains in the presence of ABF officials at the Melbourne Airport pending his removal,” said a spokeswoman for Mr Dutton and, with any luck, he’ll stay there before he fucks off back to The States.

Troy Newman Loses High Court Bid To Stay In Australia, Must Now Bugger Off 

United Airlines has also been slapped with a fine for letting Newman on in the first place. Because GUYS. VISAS. They’re not an optional extra. (Asylum seekers excepted, obvs.)

Guess Right to Life Australia will have to find some other muppet to speak at their events. *cries tears of aborted fetuses*

Image: Facebook.