Triple J Listener Handed 5-Year Prison Sentence For Fked Text Line Threats

A long-time Triple J texter has been sentenced to five years in prison, after the Victorian County Court found him guilty of sending a series of threatening, extortionate and abusive texts to presenters on the radio station. 

Nicholas John Williams’ persistent messaging verged into criminal territory between December 2014 and January 2015, after he missed out on tickets to Triple J’s 40th anniversary Beat The Drum festival.
The court heard Williams threatened to kill ABC staff. In one message to the station, he wrote “if I don’t get an invite to this big event I’m gunna walk into the ABC store and stab the closest girl. Work it out.”

Other messages showed Williams demanding money, with one stating “if I don’t get my ten grand I’m gunna find [the presenter’s] house and kill her daughter.”

The unnamed presenter issued a statement, claiming the messages had caused significant fear and stress. 
Judge Richard Smith said the messages were “made in a cowardly manner.”

“Such threats made against young and vulnerable children are equally cowardly and horrific.”
The court also heard Williams had suffered from mental health issues, leading to his apparent obsession with messaging the station. 
It’s claimed he believed his input had a marked impact on the way the station operated, and he was seeking acknowledgement for it. 

Williams was given a non-parole period of three years. There’s no word yet on whether the bloke whose number is only one digit different to the J’s text line ever copped such abuse.