A Horrifying Eyewitness Account From Travis Scott’s Astroworld Disaster Called It A ‘Concert In Hell’

A truly horrifying eyewitness account from the scene of the unfolding crowd crush disaster at Travis Scott‘s Astroworld festival in Houston has detailed scenes of abject chaos as people caught in the crush fought for their lives, with the entire scene described as the “concert from hell.”

Scott’s multi-day Astroworld festival in Houston has been cancelled after Day 1, following a “mass casualty event” that has thus far claimed the lives of 8 people, local area police have confirmed. Per reports from the New York Post, Houston fire chief Samuel Peña confirmed that at least 17 people had been transported to hospital, with 11 suffering cardiac arrest. Peña stated that “hundreds” of others had been injured as a result of the crush.

Footage posted to social media shows hundreds of punters reportedly storming the gates at the festival’s NRG Park site in south Houston as the festival opened its doors.

An eyewitness, posting to Instagram, claimed to have found himself in trouble earlier in the day during a set from Master P.

Instagram user @diabloxantiago stated that, despite the earlier timeslot and the crowd not being at peak numbers, he “felt like [he] was being crushed,” and that he “couldn’t breathe,” and almost “literally passed out,” before security was able to pull him from the crowd.

Later that night, as Scott was preparing to hit the stage, he claims “something in my mind told me ‘don’t get in the crowd’ due to the fact of what happened to me earlier that day.”

Describing the scene from a vantage point seated on a crowd barricade, he claims “as soon as Travis Scott started… the whole crowd started raging… everybody just screaming ‘help! help! help!’”

He goes on to describe scenes of abject chaos, as people in distress were hauled out of the heaving crowd and into a barricaded VIP section.

“I’m helping people, I’m pulling people out, and it just felt like literally we were in fuckin’ hell, bro. It felt like we was in a concert in hell. You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t see. Just imagine all the people they gonna find tonight who was in that crowd who nobody could see, nobody could hear, who passed out.”

“In the VIP section there was so many bodies laid out, people were getting pulled out who [had] fainted. People were trying to [perform] CPR. They were literally turning black and blue. I never seen death in my fuckin’ life, bro. Just by me alone it was probably like, 10 fuckin’ people laid out dead. Once the medics tried to help them, they wasn’t responding, they’d move to the next person. There was nothing that they could do.”

The entire account can be viewed via the Instagram post below.


The story continues to develop.