Bow Before This Aussie Traveller Who Told A TV Crew He’s Gonna “Punch Cones” In Isolation

A Queensland backpacker returning home amid the coronavirus pandemic somehow ended up being a whole fucken mood during these chaotic times.

When 9 News journalist Mackenzie Colahan approached the man for his thoughts on the compulsory 14-day isolation period for all new arrivals, he let slip a bit more than he should’ve.

“Just gonna lock myself in and punch some cones for a few days,” he told the camera quite candidly.

Not only does he embody the looseness of every backpacker who’s just returned from a “life-changing” trip, but he embodies the spirit of the whole damn country as we slowly descend into a coronavirus-induced lockdown.

The camera man replied that he’d probably use the footage because it was so funny, but the man’s friend wasn’t so impressed.

“Then it’ll become viral and we’ll have to stay inside,” she said.

The man wasn’t having it: “We’ll have to stay inside anyway.” After all, staying inside was the purpose of the vox pop.

But his friend did have a point. The clip has already received thousands of likes and retweets on twitter, and it’s probably not long until the man’s name ends up on everyone’s lips.

Here’s to a relaxing self-isolation, however you may choose to achieve that.