New South Wales Folks Are Getting $50 Travel Vouchers So Time To Squeeze The Juice Outta Berry

dominic perrottet nsw travel voucher $50

Blessed New South Whalians and other members of the clergy, the holy and sanctimonious NSW Premier Dominic Francis Perrottet has announced that we’re all getting $50 travel vouchers. He’s basically an overly religious version of Oprah.

During today’s NSW press conference, Perrottet announced that there will be over $500 million dollarydoos invested into the state to bring forth what NSW Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres called a “strong tourism summer”, which sounds like “hot vax girl summer” to me.

$250 million of this yuge amount of money will be spent on giving every NSW citizen a $50 Stay & Rediscover voucher, which can be used anywhere across the state, and aims to encourage folks to get a bit of state-wide travel in them post-lockdown.

Trip to Berry with the girls? Yes, I think the fuck I shall.

“We know that the borders will open, and we want to be ahead of the curve here in NSW when it comes to ensuring that tourism comes back with a bang,” said Perrottet this morning.

The vouchers, which will hopefully “drive tourism opportunities right across the state,” will kick off in March 2022, so don’t go planning to spend the vouchers on an end-of-year shindig.

On top of this, regional travel from areas within Greater Sydney will be coming back on November 1, as the state records just over 80% of people over 16 who are fully vaxxed.

As part of the $500 million boost into NSW, $25 million has been proposed for a Festival Relaunch Package, which does what it says on the tin, and a further $50 million has been allocated towards a CBDs Revitalisation Program, which looks to support events in and around the Sydney CBD.

$60 million of the amount will be going towards an Aviation Attraction Fund, which aims to see international flights to Sydney commence again.

“We are putting $60 million on the table… we want those flights back in the air, people back into Sydney,” said Ayres.

It’s basically a fund to attract aviation. Very well named, to be honest.

If you need me I’m going to be planning my March 2022 trip to Kiama with the bad bitches. Perrottet still irks me, but I will use his money gifts.