A very lucky, but massively stupid bloke has narrowly avoided really doing a number on himself after jumping off the roof of a moving train into the water in Western Australia over the weekend.

The video of the thrill-seeking fella cropped up on Brown Cardigan on Saturday, and it’s believed that he jumped off a bridge in Fremantle into the Swan River at about 10.30am.

‘Train surfing’ is unfortunately not a new thing, my friends. Brain genious surfers have been clambering onto the tops/sides/backs of trains for a while to hitch a ride, because clearly the stress of trying to get onto the train before the doors clamp shut, or attempting to stay upright while you have nothing to hold onto is not enough of a thrill for them. No, they’ve gotta bloody grip onto the OUTSIDE of a train and run the risk of getting into the 2018 Darwin Awards.

Though he managed to not kiss the concrete with his face at high velocity, he could be facing 12 months jail and a whopper of a fine (around $12k) for trespass. Not worth it mates, not bloody worth it.

Check out the vid below and please for the love of everything that is good and pure, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (OR YOUR NEXT COMMUTE).

Truly, this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Don’t do this. I know sometimes you just can’t afford to top up your Opal/Myki/etc or just forget to tap on but this is not a way to evade ticket inspectors.

Image: Facebook