FB Group For Aussie Dance Music Insiders Accused Of Hosting Revenge Porn

A now-defunct private Facebook group containing prominent men in Australia’s dance music scene allegedly hosted explicit images and footage of women posted without their consent, the ABC reports.

Tracks And Snatch, a male-only group, reportedly existed for about four years. In that time, it allegedly grew to contain a large number of men active in the scene as DJs, producers, or promoters.

Journo Phoebe Loomes explained its degrading name by saying “they exchanged music — tracks — and photos of women — snatch.”

While the group was used to share music files, nonconsensual sexual imagery was also traded. Loomes said upskirt photos were prominent, as were photos of women passed out in clubs.

She said as she spoke to former members, she heard of imagery captured “mid-sex”.

“It’s private sex, there’s Snapchats in there, it’s all photos without these girls’ permission,” Loomes said.

DJ and producer Raph Lauren told the ABC he members at one point, but quickly abandoned the group when he realised what kind of content was being shared.

The revelation comes amid a long public discussion about sexism and gender bias within the dance music scene. Analysis by The Brag found last year that women comprised a mere 16% of recent dance music festival line-ups. 

“There’s a massive bro problem in the Australian music scene in festival culture,” Lauren said.

The news comes by way of ABC podcast The Signal. You can listen to it HERE. 

You can report instances of image-based abuse with the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner HERE.