This weekend, journalist Tracey Spicer launched NOW Australia, a non-for-profit organisation that aims to end sexual harassment across Australia’s workforces.

Spicer is joined by more than 30 notable women in spearheading the campaign, including Isabella Manfredi, Missy Higgins, Tina Arena and Deborah Mailman.

Inspired by the Time’s Up movement in the US, NOW Australia have launched a $250,000 crowd-funding campaign to connect survivors of harassment with legal and counselling services. Speaking to the ABC, Spicer also confirmed funds would go towards education and research, and that she hopes to work with the government & industry bodies.

“#MeToo is the movement. NOW is the moment,” the organisation’s website says.

Spicer first began organising NOW after taking to Twitter last October to share their stories of sexual harassment, á la #MeToo, for which she received more than 1600 responses.

The website features a powerful, short video (embedded below) which cites a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics study stating that one in two women and one in four men have been sexually harassed in their lifetime.

The group is working with a variety of voices and communities, highlighting higher issues of discrimination within many minority groups.

“Women of colour, those with a disability and LGBTI people are particularly vulnerable,” the website notes.

“We need to challenge the belief that things can never change,” says Isabella Manfredi on the NOW site. Last year, she post on The Preatures’ Facebook of her own #MeToo experiences in the music industry.

“Systematic bullying, harassment and abuse in the workplace – there’s nothing normal or necessary about it. The difference is now, as you stand up for yourself, others stand beside you.”

You can visit and donate to NOW here.

Source: ABC

Image credit: NOW Australia