This Toyota Barracks For Collingwood Which Begs The Question Who Would Lightning McQueen Go For?

Although the concept of sentient cars was well explored in the aptly named Cars film franchise I feel like there’s still more to ponder.

For example if cars were sentient would they support a football team?

This is what we must ask ourselves when we gaze upon the humble Collingwood Toyota spotted in Melbourne today. The car itself is parked not in Collingwood, but in Newport in Victoria according to Reddit user TheRuiner666 who shared the pics.

But dear reader, gaze upon’st the vehicle before ye and tell me: is this not a Collingwood car in every sense of the phrase?! Does this car not wear its passion for the Pies proudly? Bravely, even?

(Imagine I am grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you firmly as I ask you this. Maybe my eyes are popping out of my head and I am spitting a little bit. I am scaring you.)

It’s not known how this car came to support the Pies. Many commenters on Reddit have speculated its origin story, but that could well be as old as time and as mysterious to us as the Shroud of Turin, or how they get those ships in the bottles.

“Unsure if deliberate “art” or their car has been vandalised,” said one commenter.

“Never park across a Collingwood supporter’s driveway,” warned another.

Listen, we don’t know why the car goes for the Pies. It just does. Maybe the car was born into a family of cars who all support Collingwood and it was just raised that way and doesn’t know any different.

Or maybe this car is just really into that movie Racing Stripes and tried to paint some on itself. It’s a slay if so.