Tour All 1,365KM Of The World’s Longest Golf Course, Right Here In ‘Straya

We here at have an appreciation for people who do nice things – as we know you do too. Swell peeps are swell, right? As you may have seen, we’ve teamed up with CommBank to highlight some of the greatest folks our land down under has to offer as a part of their Australian of the Day series. Here’s another one of them gems they’ve unearthed. 

Yep, The Nullarbor Links is one hell of a golf course: it’s 1,365km long and takes 2 days to play.
Local legend Alf Caputo dreamt up the idea with a mate over a cuppa one day. However, unlike most things we chew over for a second and forget, he went out and made it happen. 
That’s why he’s Australian of the Day #121
The Nullarbor Links opened in 2009 after receiving a little bit of dosh from the state government, and global players have been flocking over since.  
Golf fans be like:
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