Toronto Zoo Welcomes Extremely Precious White Rhino Baby For Christmas

The perfect Christmas present was gifted to Toronto Zoo on Xmas eve, in the form of a brand new baby white rhino – with the fuzziest ears ever.

The unnamed baby is currently hanging out with mum, Zohari, in their private maternity space, and zoo staff will keep a close eye on the pair over the next month to make sure the little bab’s developing okay.

The bab is the first for seven-year-old Zohari and 10-year-old dad, Tom, and is settling in very well to his new home.

Staff looking after the wee tyke have noted that he’s eating more than expected, and Mum’s doing well (but is very tired after giving birth to a hefty 62kg bebby).

The little one is the first white rhino to be born at Toronto Zoo in 27 years, and his birth is cruicial to the species, which is listed as ‘near threatened’ after being brought back from the very brink of extinction.

Mum & bub are not yet in a space where us plebs can fawn over them being impossibly adorable, so check out the video below of the wee tot having a bit of a trot around in the zoo’s private maternity space.