Top Lifestyle Bloggers Reveal their best Life Hacks

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Life is hard. Which is why life hacks are basically the best thing invented since sliced bread. We asked the Lifestyle finalists of our 2014 Blogster Awards powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Intel to give us their top life hacks.


  • Adopt a creative hobby. It’s not just
    for fun. Studies show that it also boosts productivity and decreases
    stress levels. Don’t know where to start? Have a look at what you
    already enjoy and branch out from there. If you like fashion, try sewing
    or making accessories. If you like home décor, try a home DIY project. If you love to cook, try something new and write your own recipe book.
  • Write and decorate your top three quotes and stick them up somewhere
    you’ll see daily. Let them remind you that there is life outside these
    walls and of what’s really important to you. You’ll also flex your
    creative mind creating these.
  • Take Breaks Regularly. Steal
    away for a 5 minute coffee or tea and do nothing. Set a timer for 5
    minutes and don’t walk, talk or use your phone until your timer rings.
    It’s surprisingly hard, and as you will find out, incredibly effective
    for your daily head space. Watch this video filmed in the beautiful
    kangaroo valley, whenever you need a 2 minute holiday for your head. Most of all… take your well earned me time whenever possible.


I love life hacks, people are just so clever! But my fave is using a clothes peg to hold a nail steady & not hit your fingers.


If you can sneak a goon
sack into the bar – congratulations, but sometimes it’s hard to convince
the bouncer that the mysterious squishing noise coming from your crotch
is just a giant menstrual pad. Enter minesweeping. Simply cruise round
and take any unguarded beverage, be it warm beer or a tequila sunrise
with bits of coaster floating in it. Just smash it and move on.
Dumpster Diving:
Everyone knows use-by dates are a scam. Jump in the skip of your
nearest supermarket and you’ll find a treasure trove of still-fresh
vegetables, “baked today” bread and boxes of Krispy Kremes. If you’re
worried about social stigma (pussies), go after dark.
Couchsurfing: Members
of social network show fellow travellers around and
let them crash – for free. It may sound creepy allowing perfect
strangers into your home, but it’s not. Unless you want it to be, which
is also fine.


  • If my hair starts to frizz and I haven’t got any smoothing serum on me,
    I use hand cream. Just apply it to your hands as usual, then run your
    fingers lightly through your hair, starting in the back. Don’t overdo it
    though or your strands can get greasy fast.
  • If I want beachy waves
    in two minutes without using a curling iron, I douse my hair with salt
    spray, put it into two Princess Leia-like buns, and blast with a
    hair-dryer. I’ll leave the buns in while I do my makeup and then take
    the bobby pins out before running out the door. Bloody genius.
  • Need
    to remove your mascara but run out of makeup remover? No dramas. Just
    run to the kitchen and grab some coconut oil. Take a small amount and
    gently apply using your fingers – it’ll literally melt your eye makeup



  • When travelling, put jewellery and toiletries in clear plastic
    containers. It makes them easy to pack, easy to find and keep separate
    from your other crap.
  • Never buy travel minis. Instead, take the small bottles from a hotel room and re-fill them with your own products at home.
  • Swap iPods with a friend, you’ll get a whole new playlist to listen to
    and probably find new music you love (and learn what a creep your friend



  • Google Drive. It’s our number one way to share content with our contributors easily and even better you can see when others have made changes to documents or uploaded images to a shared folder. It’s great on your phone too, as you can save things ‘offline’ for when you’re in a jam or say overseas where you may not have internet access so you can easily access Word docs or theatre tickets at the press of a button.
  • Coffee grounds… wait, I know yes it’s good for your morning pick me up but it’s soooo much more!!! Left over coffee grounds are perfect for adding to your body scrub or sprinkling on top of your plants to deter slugs but also feed acid loving plants. You can even dye fabric with coffee!! Whut whut!!
  • Secret Pinterest boards! Okay maybe that’s no secret but it’s perfect for storing gift ideas, party ideas, recipes and planning wardrobes. Gets us out of trouble every time!



  • I personally have my computer set up to start playing a specific iTunes
    playlist on the stereo at a certain time. The playlist was exactly as
    long as I had in the morning and went from chill songs to more
    energetic. Throughout my morning routine, I could always tell how I was
    doing on time by the currently playing song.
  • Two years ago we
    placed the ‘dream clients list’ on a vision board, where now we have
    worked with 5/8 of the ‘dream’ men’s clients. And they contacted us! No
    bull. We’re thrilled about this, as it shows when something is in your
    face long enough, the unconscious auto-suggestion brings it into your
  • When something really freakin’ good happens, I don’t
    speak about it until the contract is signed. So that makes me walk
    around with a smile on my dial.


3 Life Hacks for Pet Owners!

  • Pet Hair Everywhere Quick Fix – Is your couch/outfit/car covered in dog
    or cat hair? For last minute fixes just grab some dishwashing gloves!
    Sweep your hand over the area you need to ‘defuzz’. It’s quick, cheap
    and effective for small clean ups.
  • Switch Off – Make the habit of
    asking yourself this question before you switch on the TV or log on to
    social media: Have I walked my dog today? That way you ensure both you
    and your dog get some exercise and fresh air daily.
  • Home Made
    Cleaning Solution – When dealing with toilet training accidents, quick
    work and a simple cleaning solution does the trick. First blot dry the
    stain (do not rub!), then apply a solution of equal parts water and
    white vinegar with a couple squirts of gentle dishwashing soap. Slowly
    dab to bring the stain out, and allow to air dry.


LEGO can be any toy you want.

Always carry CHOCOLATE COINS. How do you get a 3-year-old child to hike 4km? Say there is a magic golden coin hidden on the path.

The most versatile outfit you can bring anywhere is BATMAN PYJAMAS. They are comfortable and suitable for all occasions.

I’ve never been much of a domestic goddess, much to my mother’s dismay, which is why I am all about life hacks making my life seemingly easier – my Bible if you will. I am usually pressed for time or I’ve been clumsy and need to get stains out of things, fast! Other times, my life hacks are just simple things you may not have thought to do with food (because my life revolves around food) and once you do do them, they taste at least 10394 times better. My top three are:

  • I readily use my hair straightener to iron out creases in my clothing – especially when traveling.
  • Because ink and I aren’t pals, I use hairspray to remove ink from my clothes, furniture etc.
  • Freeze grapes in summer for the yummiest, healthy snack.


Here are my top three life hacks:

  • Carry charcoal tablets in your hand carry luggage to help cure food poisoning, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.
  • Carry a change of clothes in your hand carry luggage in case off loss of checked-in baggage.
  • Back up all photos on Dropbox just in case your external drive crashes.


My top life hacks are cheap and effective! They are handy tips to help make your life more organised, clean and fun:

  • When making pancakes pour pancake mix into an old sauce bottle for no mess and perfect sized pancakes!
  • Freeze grapes or berries and use as ice cubes with your wine on a hot summers day… so yummy and refreshing!
  • When your thongs break this summer try fixing them with a bobby pin or
    the clip you get from a loaf of bread. Save money on buying a whole new
  • Break you cupcake in half, turn the top upside and eat it like a
    sandwich.. for some reason cupcakes just taste so much better when they
    are cupcake sandwiches!


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