Days after a Mildura couple was filmed racially abusing an Indigenous Australian family, the video’s triumphant retort of “It’s too strong for you, Karen” has been splashed on t-shirts, totes, and too many spectacular memes to count.

Kira Djnalie, child of artist Robby Wirramanda-Knight, has now launched a range of merchandise featuring their father’s famous call-out. 

In case you missed it, Djnalie made headlines after sharing a video of their father’s neighbours, Karen Ridge and Rob Vigors, accosting him about his heritage and attempting to tear down his Aboriginal flag.

A RedBubble account under Djnalie’s name now offers punters the chance to own “It’s too strong for you, Karen” clobber. One design features a silhouette of a woman trying, and failing, to tear down an Aboriginal flag – as Ridge attempted in the troubling video. Fancy sticking it to the racists in your life with a Lizzo reference? Well, there’s not a coffee mug for that, too.

You Can Now Flex On Racists With Your Very Own #TooStrongForYouKaren Merch
via RedBubble
You Can Now Flex On Racists With Your Very Own #TooStrongForYouKaren Merch
via RedBubble

Djnalie, who runs the popular Beautiful, Talented, and Deadly Facebook page, has also been pumping out memes commemorating their father’s quick thinking and resiliency in the face of really dogshit behaviour.

Despite the positive attitude Djnalie has taken towards the incident, they say proceeds from those merchandise sales will go to their brothers who faced that racial abuse.

The video, which resulted in Vigors losing his ownership of two local McDonald’s franchises, has sparked visible support for Indigenous Australians in the local community.

State MP Ali Cupper, who represents the Mildura district, this morning shared a photo of an Aboriginal flag draped over the gate of her office.

Oh, of course she used the #TooStrongForYouKaren hashtag on that post, too.

Are a few t-shirts going to dissuade the dedicated racists of Australia from being deadshits? Look, probably not, but we can take solace in the fact a stack of us are keen to declare Indigenous Australia is stronger than small-minded bigotry.

Image: @toostrongforkaren / Twitter