Opponents of same-sex marriage continue to redefine the phrase “cognitive dissonance” with erstwhile super gronk and former PM Tony Abbott (for seemingly the eighth time this month) getting absolutely dunked online for espousing hypocrisy of the highest form.

In light of the spectacular news that US rapper Macklemore will be performing his hit marriage equality call-to-arms Same Love at this Sunday’s NRL Grand Final, some whingey man-babies have kicked up a lil’ stink, claiming sports and politics should not be mixed.

Former NRL player Tony Wall has proved the theory that a career of running your huge beefy head into other men’s bodies can leave you missing a whole mess of brain cells, by launching a petition to make the NRL cancel Macklemore’s “LGBTIQ anthem” performance.

Abbott, obviously, agrees and stated as much by sharing the petition on Twitter, commenting: “Footy fans shouldn’t be subjected to a politicised grand final. Sport is sport!”

As is its favourite pastime, Aussie Twitter commenced some all time dunking of His Honourable Onion Muncher, pointing out the many, MANY, times Abbott, a FUCKING POLITICIAN, has himself mixed sport with politics:

Going even further than the joyous activity of rinsing a scumbag such as Tone, a lot of Tweeps also pointed out the times sport and politics mixing were in fact hugely important historical moments, cherished by most sane members of mankind.

Yeah, you’re one hundred percent fucking wrong on this one Tone, and not just in the sense that you’re a huge hypocrite whose beliefs swing wildly from place to place depending on how much you gain out of it.

Sport is a powerful, binding force in communities at large, and has a responsibility to utilise its powerful presence to shine a light on discrimination and indignity.

I’ll let Sam take us out on this one:

Image: Twitter / Amy Coopes