Tony Abbott Reckons The Last Thing Australians Want Right Now Is Another Election

Say what you want about about the current Government, but at the very least they’ve been absolutely flat-out during what is otherwise Parliament’s customary winter break. Tony Abbott and his ragtag motley crew have been criss-crossing the country in attempts to persuade the hostile senate crossbench to pass key measures of the Coalition Government‘s highly controversial Federal Budget. And it seems that Abbott’s scare tactics of yore have now had to take a back seat due to a cold, hard dose of reality.

Whereas once the thinly veiled threat of a Double Dissolution might have been used to scare vulnerable marginal senators into toeing the line for the sake of keeping their job, now it’s a decidedly more reserved Abbott attempting to downplay the idea that people might want that, given that the Labor party holds a commanding lead in the two-party preferred polls.
Speaking on radio in Adelaide, Prime Minister Abbott stated “You never finally say no to these things, but I think the last thing the Australian people want is another election now.” This, followed by what seems like an entire nation of people reacting thusly:
(In before a Young Liberal bleats about bias).

Abbott also seemed to reject claims made by the Treasury – you know, that organisation of people who know about this type of thing – that the Government has essentially done a pretty pisspoor job of selling the Budget to the people.
And finally, Abbott once again backed up his much beleaguered Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey.
Joe is doing a very, very good job. He really is.
But when attention was brought back to Hockey’s now-infamous “poor people don’t drive cars” debacle, things got a little non-committal once again. Tony Abbott was asked if he would buy a used car from Joe Hockey. Tone’s response?
“I tend to keep my cars until they wear out.”
Now there’s a shining endorsement if I’ve ever heard one. Yiiiiiiiiikes.
Photo: Dan Kitwood via Getty Images.

via SMH.