As we continue to reel in shock after everyone’s favourite good-hair-haver Scott Ludlam resigned suddenly on discovering his dual NZ citizenship, the Onion Eater otherwise known as Tony Abbott has piped up to reiterate that he’s totally in the clear, citizenship-wise, thank you very much.

To be fair, he tweeted the letter from UK Immigration in response to a number of people yodelling about double standards, as up until this point he hadn’t publicly addressed the rumours that he’d remained a dual British/Australian citizen throughout his tenure as prime minister.

Fortunately/unfortunately, it sure does seem like he renounced his UK citizenship way back in 1993. 

Has that stopped him from being roasted?


I think we know what all this is working towards, and I’m here to say: you’re not getting the top job again, Tony. Give it up. Let it go. 

Tony Abbott Proves Dual Citizenship Rumours Wrong, Still Gets Roasted

Image: Getty.