Right On Cue, Tony Abbott Has Chucked A Big Sook Over The Leadership Spill

Coalition backbencher and perennial sook Tony Abbott has somehow found a way to make this morning’s Liberal Party leadership spill about him, despite the fact the challenge against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was launched by someone else entirely.

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Not even a day after Turnbull won a 48-35 party room vote against his challenger, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, Abbott decried his party’s penchant for leaking information to the press.


Abbott alleged that even while the party room meeting was underway, someone was leaking news about MP Warren Entsch successfully laying into Abbott.

“Unlike too many of my colleagues, my practice is to take responsibility for what I think and say,” a remarkably bitchy Abbott said in the release.

Abbott added Entsch’s alleged interruption was aimed at his comment that “loyalty has to be earned. [It] can’t just be demanded.” 

Big words, and an even bigger press release, from someone who swore up and down there would be “no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping” after he was toppled from the Prime Ministership back in 2015.

Expect to hear more from Abbott on Turnbull’s near-defeat in the weeks, days, and likely hours to come.