Exactly one week ago, Prime Minister Tony Abbott appeared in a doodle-filled selfie with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the MCG. It was also autographed. At the time of writing, that photo – shared on Modi’s Facebook page – has 709,837 Likes and counting.

Post by Narendra Modi.

In an interesting turn of events, over the last seven days Tony Abbott’s Facebook page has gained over 64,000 new fans – a not inconsiderable spike, and one that you’ve evidently found hard to ignore.

According to easily obtained rudimentary Facebook analytics, the popular majority of Abbott’s total fan base reside in New Delhi and are aged within the 18-34 year old demographic sweet spot. It’s a fact that hasn’t escaped the attention of hardline whistleblowers, The Bondi Hipsters, who earlier this afternoon dared to ask, “Hey Tony brah… Hahve you been buying Facebook likes?

Post by Bondi Hipsters.

Statistics gleaned from social media analysis site Social Bakers indicate that somehow, even if the popular majority of Prime Minister Abbott’s fans are 18-34 year old New Delhi residents, his newfound New Delhi fan base only accounts for 15.5% of his total audience.   

In August of last year, the Liberal Party were forced to defend themselves against allegations they’d artificially inflated their social media audience numbers on both Facebook and Twitter in the lead up to the federal election. 

Whatever it is that has caused the sudden spike – statistical or analytical error; Narendra Modi’s highly-engaged youth following with a penchant for conservative foreign politics; here’s a blank for you to fill in _____ for yourself – it’s impossible to deny that Tony Abbott is mystifyingly popular in New Delhi with 18-34 year olds. 

If only he could replicate that same magic on his home turf. 


Photo: Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images