Tony Abbott Cradles Joe Hockey In His Arms, Tells Him Everything Will Be Okay

Everyone remembers last year, when Treasurer Joe Hockey was like this before an extremely harsh Federal Budget announcement:

 And now Joe is all like:
Don’t be fooled – Hockey’s conscience hasn’t had a sudden and horrifying wake-up call. 
The 2015 Federal Budget is set to be released next week, and the Liberal Whip Scott Buchholz allegedly told Prime Minster Tony Abbott that Hockey’s job would be dunzo if the reactions to the Budget were extremely negative.
It does kind of make you fear the worst when we are already talking about ‘negative reactions’ and people losing their jobs before the Budget has even been released – but I digress. Tones has come out and said that Hockey has nothing to fear: his job is safe. 

“The budget belongs to no individual minister, it belongs to all of us,” Mr Abbott told 3AW.

“In the end it’s the government’s budget and if the budget doesn’t go well obviously the government will suffer but I’m confident this is the right budget for these times. 

According to SMH, Tony spoke to Joe on Thursday and reassured him that the story of his dismissal was a ‘complete invention’. 
“I think some people just make things up,” Mr Abbott said. Isn’t it just so crazy when politicians make stuff up, Tone?
via SMH
Images: Scott Barbour via Getty Images, 9 News, Andrew Meares via SMH