Safe to say Tony Abbott is gripping on to the seat of Warringah by the skin of his teeth at the moment, and in his rank desperation to cling to his seat in Parliament he’s doing, and saying, the virtual unthinkable. Including admitting that the Labor party has a far superior Climate Change policy to that of the Coalition.

Yes, really.

Yes, he said that.

Yes, with his own awful mouth.

Abbott’s efforts against Independent challenger Zali Steggall are largely orbiting the scare tactic of suggesting that Steggall is, essentially, a Labor candidate in disguise, and not a centrist lapsed Liberal tired of the growing yaw of the troubled party.

Steggall, on the other hand, has been campaigning on a broad platform of crossbench disruption in any hung Parliament as well as stern policies on climate change; an issue that’s plagued Tony for the past god knows how long.

So that bubbling pot of Devil & God Raging Inside Him conflict has manifested today in this absolute barnburner of an admission in the middle of an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

When prodded about his claim that Steggall will automatically align with Labor if elected to Parliament, despite Steggall suggesting repeated she’d be far more likely to back in the Coalition, Abbott stood his ground and launched this series of real-life words:

She’s not said that in writing or with any degree of conviction.

I don’t believe her, given that she’s said her biggest issue by far is climate change and Labor has a much better climate change policy than the Coalition.

Say that again?

Labor has a much better climate change policy than the Coalition.

There you have it, folks. Tony Abbott would like you all to know that Labor’s climate change policy is, easily, superior to the Coalition’s.

From the horse’s mouth itself.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Image: AAP