So plastic shopping bags are banned now. There’s that.

Woolworths brought in their nationwide ban on single-use plastic shopping bags earlier this week, and Coles is set to follow suit on July 1st, meaning Australia’s two largest supermarket chain will be totally plastic bag-free from this point forward.

It also means that shoppers will have to, probably for the first time in their lives, make a point of remembering to take their reusable bags to the shop whenever they do their weekly food run. Not just think about taking them and then leaving them at the door. And definitely not put them in the car and leave them there and then not bother to go back out to get them.

‘Course it’s gonna take a while for people to make that a habit in their brains, and the interim period is gonna leave a few punters jonesing for a little taste of the good grey gear.

Fortunately, new Tonightly reporter Nina Oyama is yr hook-up, as this ridiculously silly and good sketch reveals.

It’s set to air on the ABC show tonight, but we’ve got an exclusive little sneak peek for you right here, right now. Don’t say we never do anything for you.

Hell yeah. Givvus a handful of the ocean grey and two of the heavy duty. I’ve got a roast to get home, man. A ROAST.

Just don’t ask her to get you any on tick. These bags are hard to come by nowadays, you know.

Tonightly airs on the ABC this evening at 9:30pm.