Cooked Vids Show Youth Protestors Being Removed From Parliament By Cops & Security Guards

Tomorrow Movement protestors removed from Parliament

Footage has emerged of police removing young climate change protestors from Federal Parliament on the new Government’s first day. What a super cool response to young Aussies showing their concern about the general state of the Earth.

Activism organisation Tomorrow Movement posted a video to its Twitter showing young activists singing a protest chant. They were inside the public foyer in Parliament, per The Guardian.

In the footage, police and security guards can be heard shouting “keep moving” and physically removing protestors. Nice! Good! Normal!

According to the Tomorrow Movement, around 100 young people travelled Canberra to protest about the climate, jobs and housing crisis.

Tomorrow Movement activist Desiree told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the protest lasted around a minute before police intercepted and removed protesters from the building.

“We had five songs and five speeches planned that we wanted everyone to hear [and] MPs to listen to. But we managed to get through one song and like, two lines [of a speech],” they said.

After the protestors were removed from Parliament House, they continued their protests on the lawns where they were joined by some MPs.

“We had some of The Greens senators and MPs, Peter Whish-WilsonJanet RiceLarissa WatersJordon Steele-John and also Monique Ryan — the independent — and David Pocock,” Desiree said.

Apparently those pollies came out, listened to the Tomorrow Movement’s speeches and chatted to activists for a bit.

“One of our asks for early in this term of Government is we want a Senate Inquiry into the climate, jobs and housing crisis, an inquiry that would go to local communities to hear what… solutions people in the community want for the climate and economic crisis,” Desiree said.

The Tomorrow Movement criticised the Australian Labor Party on social media for failing to show up to the protest and listen to young people.

“A lot of politicians did come outside to listen to the young people demanding real solutions to the climate, jobs and housing crisis,” it wrote.

“But do you notice who is missing?

“Hint: It begins in ‘A’ and ends with ‘ustralian Labor Party’.”

The removal of protestors by police tells Desiree that the Government is unwilling to engage with young Aussies on the climate.

“It shows that the Government doesn’t want to hear the voices of people who are saying that their climate action is not good enough,” she said.

“Of course, today the discussion in politics has been about targets. But targets don’t matter for people who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis and looking at our futures.

“It’s not good enough when we need more ambitious action.”

Surely young people should be at the forefront of conversations about the climate crisis seeing as, you know, we’re the ones facing a world decimated by it. Just a thought!