The human brain was simply not designed to deal with the phrase ‘unexplained videos released by Tom DeLonge’s UFO research organisation’. It doesn’t travel well through the synapses. You can’t really, fully consider it, the same way you can’t really, fully picture how many stars there are in the universe. And yet, we are periodically forced to grapple with it, as Tom DeLonge and his UFO organisation refuse to stay out of the news.

This first really came to the fore back in 2017, when the New York Times published an exposé on a US Department of Defence UFO program (the ‘Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program’) that run from 2007 to 2012, which had been run by a man named Luis Elizondo. Elizondo, it turns out, was now working for Tom DeLonge’s new organisation, the To The Stars Academy, which was involved in the release of two separate pieces of footage of US Navy pilots encountering some flying objects that they could not explain. UFOs. Goddamn UFOs.

Until now, we have not had any official confirmation from the US Government that these videos (and a third one released later) were, in fact, genuine videos of ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’. UAP seems to be the term preferred by the government, possibly because people instantly conflate UFOs with aliens — maybe just because it sounds cool.

In a statement to The Black Vault last week, the US Navy confirmed the dates for the three videos — November 14, 2004 for the video known as ‘FLIR1’ and January 21, 2015 for the other two — and said they still had no idea what they were, describing “the phenomena contained/depicted” in the videos as “unidentified”.

The official spokesperson for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, Joseph Gradisher, told The Black Vault that, while the videos had been declassified, the Navy had never cleared them for public release.

While a UFO website called The Black Vault might not be the most reliable-sounding source in the world to you, Gradisher confirmed to Motherboard what was was reported by them, which makes this whole thing even more strange.

Just because we can’t identify them doesn’t mean they’re aliens but I mean, come on, goddamn. What’s up with these things.

Image: Getty Images / Harmony Gerber