In 2001, Tom DeLonge and his former band Blink-182 released a little ditty called Fuck A Dog. In 2017, Tom DeLonge and his research institute are seeking investors for an interstellar vehicle.

Yes, the pop-punk pioneer and latter-day UFO researcher has launched his most ambitious project yet: the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTS), an organisation ostensibly dedicated to researching the unknown, and funding technological development outside of the norm.

DeLonge today launched the initiative, which operates under the belief “there is sufficient credible evidence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that proves exotic technologies exist that could revolutionize the human experience.”

So, aliens exist, they have cool shit, and harnessing that tech will catapult us into a new phase of human civilisation. Cool.

TTS claims to harbour former players within U.S. government and defence organisations, who are apparently capable of furthering that goal: Steve Justice, who heads up TTS’ new Aerospace Division, spent 30 years working for Lockheed Martin’s secretive, experimental, and infamous Skunk Works.

That’s just as well, considering TTS wants to develop an honest-to-god electromagnetic space craft.

That’s hardly the wildest thing TTS intends to deliver, either. A quick glance at the organisation’s mission reveals they’re interested in developing technology related to ‘beamed energy launch systems’, ‘engineering space-time,’ and telepathy.

Yes, telepathy. Specifically, DeLonge & Co. want to “explore the location in the brain where this phenomenon is centered, and develop protocols for its enhancement and use.”

It’s all wildly optimistic stuff – and look, if you want to really play the conspiracy card, there’s every chance the former government operatives involved are still on the federal payroll and are just keeping tabs on the insanity – but if you want to hear more about his bizarre but endlessly fascinating organisation, you should scope out the video below:

After that, you should listen to What’s My Age Again?. There’s no particular reason why, it’s just a catchy tune to hum along to, while you go searching for the Truth™.

Source: To The Stars Academy