This seemed hilariously and also frustratingly inevitable: Police have reportedly been called out by staff at a supermarket in Parramatta to deal with a dispute that is said to have erupted in the, you wouldn’t believe it, toilet paper aisle.

Amid a growing (and frankly baffling) escalation of toilet paper hoarding occurring across Australia right now – one in response to growing hysteria surrounding coronavirus and one that’s seen store shelves stripped bare and TP production thrown into overdrive to keep up with the insane demand – police were called to a Woolworths store in Parramatta earlier this afternoon.

NSW Police confirmed they received calls from store staff following an incident that occurred at around 1:30pm this afternoon.

In a short statement, police confirmed that “at 1.30pm, police were called to a supermarket at Parramatta following reports of a disturbance in an aisle It was established there had been a dispute. No arrests were made.”

A radio caller speaking on 2GB claimed that staff had cordoned off the aisle while police were on the scene. Further claims published by 2GB, which remain extremely unsubstantiated at this time, suggest a knife may have been involved in some capacity.

Woolworths officials also confirmed that the incident did in fact take place, but that it has since been resolved and the store was trading as-normal.

Earlier this morning, Woolworths imposed a four-per-customer limit on packs of toilet paper, as wild scenes captured on camera showed customers scrambling to hoard toilet paper at various supermarkets after doors opened at 7am.

There it is, folks. We’ve all gone so batshit insane over this overblown virus that the we’re having full-on chons in the bloody shit ticket aisle.

What a day. What a country. How good’s Australia.