TODAY IN SCHOOLIES WTFUCKERY: Future Psychopath Dismembers Turtle

Signs you’re a psychopath: 
1) You dismember a turtle.
2) You dismember a turtle.
3) All of the above.
The last night of Schoolies Festival in SA‘s Victor Harbor ended with the arrest of an 18-year-old from Renmark for offensive behaviour and cruelty to animals after he allegedly CUT THE LIMBS OFF a fucking innocent turtle at Goolwa, a suburb 19kms or so from the party town. 
That extreme display of defunct brain cells aside, police were pretty chuffed that only 5 arrests were made overnight.
Operation Schoolies commander Inspector Gus Sickerdick said the majority of the crowd were well behaved.
“It was disappointing that despite prior warnings there are still people trying to sell illicit drugs, with four non-schoolies arrested for trafficking offences [but] overall, police are pleased with the behaviour of the crowd with a small minority coming to the notice of police for anti-social behaviour.”
A total of 240 people have had some contact with police over the past three days, either by arrest, report, expiation notice or defect notice, which is a whole THREE people less than in 2014.
Well done, m8s, keep up the good werk – except for you, Turtle Guy. You belong in a straight jacket.
Lead image via Getty/Mark Kolbe.