Our sprawling west coast state, Western Australia, has produced many trendsetting Aussie icons: Heath Ledger, Tame Impala, Emu Export and Tim Minchin

What they never expected, though? To be responsible for an intended informative video that blew everyone’s goddamn minds.

Moora – a tiny WA shire of only 2,000 people – has a Facebook page created to provide their locals with regular information about, I don’t know, shire stuff. In December they uploaded a video showing how a road is surfaced, thinking it’d be a bit interesting – the council’s social media profile got so much attention that they are now the second-most ‘liked’ FB page for WA’s local areas, coming second only to the City of Perth.

The drone-shot footage has been viewed a whopping 14 million times and shared a casual 361K times. 

“We had a lot of views by Christmas, might have been about 5000 which we thought, ‘Geez, that’s a lot’, but around New Year it just took off,” said Moora’s chief executive and all-round legendary ‘Strayan bloke Alan Leeson

With the staggering rise in numbers almost too much for the Shire of Moora to handle, the truly decent Leeson thought it only best to suss the whole thing out. “We thought, ‘oh, we’ve been hacked, but it’s all been checked.” 

While the footage may sound as exciting as watchin’ some paint dry, it’s a cracking viewing experience – y’know, the classic “this is a mundane daily task that looks mind-blowing from a bird’s eye view” thing. 

“I suggested we film the work because a lot of people don’t have a perspective about how roads are bitumised,” Leeson said. 

Now that the vid has made Moora so bloody famous, they have 58K likes on Facebook, destined for even bigger and greater things. 

By the sounds of it, we need a frank guy like Alan Leeson to be running this country – your call, mate. 

Source: WA Today

Photo: Facebook / Shire of Moora.