Sometimes, you can just look at someone and tell they’ve done something rotten. This is one of those times.

Tiny Scammer Goes Viral After Sneaking $300 Of Toys From Parents’ Amazon
via @R_tatas / Twitter.

That, folks, is the face of a young Utah girl who only alerted her family she ordered US $300 worth of toys from Amazon when the delivery van showed up at their doorstep.

Twitter user Riya Diyaolu shared the image of her younger cousin over the weekend, and the sheer cheekiness of the entire ordeal instantly thrust the child into infamy.

We mean, come on. Look. Look.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Diyaolu said the tiny grifter was initially allowed to order herself a Barbie doll from the online marketplace for her birthday, but parlayed that into a sneaky gift haul.

She even sprung for next-day shipping, Diyaolu said.

All of the toys minus the Barbie were returned, Diyaolu said, adding that the wretched little miscreant was banned from the internet for a month.

It’s not like her absence from the web will dull her presence though, considering her self-satisfied mug has been extensively memed.

This isn’t us condoning a scam, but if you’re gonna do it, own it like this kid.

Source: BuzzFeed News
Image: @R_tatas / Twitter