In absolutely mind blowing news, our boy Timothée Chalamet is being cancelled on Twitter for, you guessed it, getting his fucc on in a pool in Cabo.

The internet’s boyfriend Chalamet and his rumoured girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez absolutely blew up the internet on Wednesday when they were papped getting frisky on their Mexican vacation.

But in an interesting turn of events, some fans are trying to cancel the Call Me By Your Name star for having sex in Cabo while there is *checks notes* a crisis happening in Yemen (that has actually been going on since 2015) that the internet only started caring about last week.

“Fucking a girl in Cabo during a pandemic and a BLM movement and a crisis in Yemen? Girl bye,” a now-viral tweet read.

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight: the Black Lives Matter movement and the crisis in Yemen are both really important issues that need our attention. There are many ways that you can help, such as donating your time, resources and money to reputable charities and educating yourself on the issues. But is celibacy really going to solve anything? Look, probably not.

It’s great that people are *finally* starting to care about the civil war in Yemen that has literally been going on since 2015, and the BLM movement that has been much needed since *checks notes* the start of modern history. But these are deep-seeded, ongoing issues that we need to fight for, and although trying to cancel Timothee for his PDA comes from a good place, it doesn’t really do much to help those issues. (We’ve attached some helpful resources below if you do want to help.)

When it comes to the pandemic, Timmy boy really has no legs to stand on. Should he be travelling to Cabo during a pandemic? No. Should he be having sex in a pool during a pandemic (or… ever)? No, that’s gross. But is that alone grounds for a #TimotheeChalametIsOverParty?

It’s also important to note that some people are calling out Eiza Gonzalez for having a reportedly racist past, but the tweet in question is simply trying to cancel him for having sex with literally anyone right now, not Gonzalez specifically.

Naturally, people lost their minds over the attempted cancellation, which essentially placed a bonk ban on the whole world until we have world peace.

Seriously, in this economy, celibacy sounds like the best option.

Some of us have been involuntarily celibate ever since we found out about global warming. You know, because we care about the planet. Not at all because we just can’t get laid.

The sentiment is right, but considering the Yemen crisis has been an ongoing issue for years now, does that mean we’re all cancelled?

Heck, even this guy who thinks “Timothy Charmander” looks like a “worn condom” (not to be confused with a WORM condom) reckons we’re overreacting just a little bit.

Although cancelling Timmy C for getting his fucc on is *maybe* taking cancel culture a little too far, the issues the initial tweet is talking about are really important.

You can read up on the Yemen Crisis and how coronavirus has made it worse on the United Nations website here. If you’re looking for ways to actually help with or educate yourself on the Black Lives Matter movement, here are some helpful resources: