Tim Cook Is Very Subtly Trolling Donald Trump After The “Tim Apple” Debacle

Whether or not President Donald Trump actually thinks Tim Cook‘s real name is “Tim Apple” is utterly irrelevant at this point. He said it – that’s the name he used to address Cook – and it’s incredibly funny. The President is a buffoon! A bumbling moron! Can’t even get a name right even though it’s written on a name plate to his immediate right!

[jwplayer pxg4NllT]

What a maroon! What an ignoranimus!

Yesterday’s Tim Apple snafu may be the latest in a long line of truly baffling passages of wind to emanate from President Custard Fart’s mouth, but it’s now got the distinction of being the one that’s drawn the highest profile trolling response thanks to Tim Cook himself.

The Apple CEO didn’t comment on it directly, but he certainly leant fully into the wind throwing the subtlest of shade via, of all things, his Twitter display name.


Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir. That’s some fine quality shade. From off the top shelf. The genuine article.

‘Course this likely affects the President very little on a day-to-day basis. Unless he actually sees it and understands what’s going on, in which case we can expect a late night Tweet barrage from POTUS while he grunts out an awful, ropey shit that has the consistency of melted soft serve and the stench of a long-dead ram’s ballsack.

Either way, the clock’s ticking.