These TikTokers Teach You How To Be Boujie Even When You’ve Only Got A Cheeky 20 To Your Name

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My TikTok ‘FYP’ can literally only be described in three words: unhinged as fuck. Over the last few days alone, there have been countless times I’ve been transported between watching rants about the patriarchy to both travel-core and “rail me” TikTok trends, all in the span of 45 seconds. What can I say? Just another day in the life.

However, it seems there’s a new niche on my ‘FYP’ block, and it’s boujie-on-a-budget-core.

These videos — made by a bunch of different TikTokers including, @heymisskelsey and @stylebywadzi — detail a bunch of affordable things you can do and buy that’ll make you feel more ~expensive~ without the designer price tag, and TBH, as a self-proclaimed budget queen, I’m here for it.


#stitch with @wadzizoe creds to @heymisskelsey

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According to @heymisskelsey, these small additions aren’t drastic but have the power to exude big main character energy. 

“I’m taking out the trash, but in my head, I’m on a beach somewhere in an all-white linen dress,” she said.

So, if you don’t wanna drop coin on the big league, here’s a few things the TikTok trend tells us you can do to feel boujie on a god damn budget, baby.

Wearing a matching set of underwear or pjs

tiktok trends

Satin Box Set, $27.99

I’m convinced there’s something psychological behind this, but when your undergarments match, it’s instant fuel for a god complex. You can’t convince me otherwise. This is probably something you’ve also already got at home.

Wearing a satin robe while you get ready

Chloe & Lola Flat Satin Lace Robe, $59.95

This is on the same beat, but the act of putting on a satin robe after a warm shower while you start to powder your face before a night out is truly an experience. Satin is also hella cheaper than silk.

For an extra pang of luxe — get it embroidered with your initials.

Those big fuck off ice cubes

TikTok trends

Silicone Ice Cube Trays, $15.45

If I ask for a cheeky liquor on the rocks and they bring out a glass with one of these big square ice cubes in it, I’m gonna assume it’ll put me out by at least $20. Now, you can make ’em at home for less than $16.

Motion-sensing strip lighting

TikTok trends

LED Under Cabinet Motion Sensor Lighting, $12.99

You know when you stay at a hotel, and the strip lighting under the cabinets and mirrors makes things look luxe as hell? Yeah, well, you don’t have to fork out a fortune to do it in your own house — just $12.99. These bad boys are also motion sensors, which give them a lil’ extra oooft.

Having fresh herbs at your disposal

Smart Indoor Herb Garden Kit, $84.99

One of the girls on TikTok said having fresh herbs on hand (as opposed to using the dried ones) for your cooking is top tier boujie shit. Bonus points when you use them to make your own pasta sauce (because apparently, that exudes big luxe energy, too). 

I know, I know, you can’t even look after yourself, let alone a fucking herb garden. That’s why we suggest trying this cute indoor herb kit. 

Playing jazz music or a coffee house playlist while you WFH 

Retro USB Turntable, $99

I tried this today, and let me tell you; I romanticised the shit out of my single-story bedroom in the suburbs.

Putting fruit, cucumber or lemon in your water bottle

TikTok trends

Glass Water Pitcher, $29.90

Hydrated, but make it classy. Pair this with the aforementioned coffee house playlist for best results.

Having a bath caddy

TikTok trends

Expandable Wooden Tub Tray, $49.99

Baths are a luxury in itself, especially the ones where you chuck in a Lush glitter bath bomb. The 2014 Insta girls knew what they were doing, let me tell you. A bath caddy to hold a candle, some wine and a book will only elevate the experience ten-fold.

Using a face steamer in your skincare routine

TikTok trends

Epzia Facial Steamer, $40.99

If you’re one of those people that wants to be someone who gets spa treatments and facials every month but can’t justify dropping a few hefty hundreds every time, the next best thing is a facial steamer that gives you very similar benefits, but for a fraction of the cost.

Reading outside

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think By Brianna Wiest, $23.45

Okay, this might be kind of niche, but there is something so boujie about reading a book outside. Cool, quirky, and mysterious has entered the chat.

Having all white bedding

1000TC Ultra Soft Microfibre Doona Cover Bedding Set, $41.99

Another hack to get that hotel-chic aesthetic down pat.

Wearing a trench coat

Bershka long trench coat in beige, $100

No matter what the heck you wear under it, a trench coat is literally the fastest way to look expensive as fuck. It also goes with everything, so there’s that, too.

Carrying your fresh groceries in a net bag

TikTok trends

Reusable Net Shopping Tote, $16.99

It’s the cottage-core revival for me.

Putting on perfume every night before bed

Glasshouse Fragrances Forever Florence, $99.95

I get judged for this all the time, but after I’ve showered and gotten into my pjs, I always put on a spritz of my favourite perfume. What can I say? This sets the tone for feeling lush as hell while I drift off to sleep.