TikTok’s ‘Pink Sauce’ Is Appalling The Internet & When Did We Stray So Far From The Path Of God

Alright besties, strap on in because I have a wild one for you. TikTok is absolutely freaking out about “Pink Sauce” which is exactly what it sounds like really. It’s some kind of sauce, and it’s pink.

Kinda reminds me of when green tomato sauce was a thing. Did I dream that?

it was for a SHREK PROMOTION lol screaming

Well this “Pink Sauce” ain’t no EZ Squirt kids.

@chef.pii #PrimeDayDreamDeals #sogood #fypシ゚viraltiktok #yum #fypage ♬ original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

TikToker @chef.pii is the mastermind behind the sauce, described on the official website as “the infamous dripping sauce that everyone is raving about”. TBH I feel like “infamous” is a bad thing for a food to be…

As fate would have it the sauce has had some teething issues. According to TikTok user @spillsesh_yt the colour of the sauce is the first issue.

“The hue of the sauce keeps changing. Every photo, every video, the sauce colour looks different,” said @spillsesh_yt in a recent TikTok.

Apparently @chef.pii has also never actually described the taste of the sauce online either, which is weird. According to the official website the sauce contains water, honey, garlic, dried spices — all quite generic ingredients. Not giving much of a flavour away there.

This is just the beginning. According to @spillsesh_yt, as customers are beginning to receive their “Pink Sauce” bottles they’re noticing typos on the ingredient list and discrepancies in the serving size. The sauce has also been packed in seemingly flimsy bags resulting in some explosions upon arrival. At $20 USD a pop you’d expect a little more professionalism don’t you think?

Creator @chef.pii issued an apology video during which she addressed some of the issues with the sauce.

Captioned “WE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES” (sounds reassuring), the video includes probably the most concerning problem of all.

@chef.piiWE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES♬ original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

“Yes we are following FDA standards,” said @chef.pii.

“However we are currently in lab testing…so once we go through lab testing we will be able to pitch to stores”.

So. “Pink Sauce” is in lab testing… but also available to purchase on the official website? Something’s definitely up.

The comment section on this “apology” video agreed.

“Girl you gonna get a court case soon,” said one.

“My sink was clogged so I poured some down the drain and it cleared it right up,” joked another.

Grab the popcorn. I sense much more to come of this “Pink Sauce” saga.