The quote-unquote ‘TikTok guy’, Jon-Bernard Kairouz, has issued a statement after he inaccurately ‘predicted’ the number of new COVID cases in NSW on Monday morning.

In case you missed it, Kairouz – who has been revealing the daily NSW community cases on TikTok hours before they’re officially released – was adamant that there’d be 109 new cases in the community announced this morning.

However, the NSW government had other plans and appear to have taken steps to ensure he didn’t post the correct number, which ended up being 98.

“The number confirmed today by the NSW Government/Health was given solely to discredit my mathematical genius,” Kairouz claimed.

“They claim to have captured the person supposedly leaking the information through high level surveillance and trapping, which just disrespects the hard work and mathematical process conducted by my brothers and I.”

[For the record, Health Minister Brad Hazzard denied any kind of ‘sting’ operation to discover Kairouz’s source.]

Kairouz then went on to address the claims that he’s had been getting his numbers leaked from someone inside NSW Health (he obviously is).

“I have been clear that there is no source and any claim otherwise is false and I doubt Gladdy and her government would stoop that low,” he said.

“We all know the Kairouz Probability Theorem produces the correct answer as the last week has proven and the formula is available for the public to use themselves.

“Please stay tuned for more content on my page, and I will continue uploading great content and possibly even predictions.”

Kairouz also went back on the radio to chat with Kyle & Jackie O for a second time today in the wake of his stunning failure at the presser.

When asked, point-blank, about the likelihood of his source inside NSW Health being given the wrong number as part of some kind of sting, Kairouz said he was unshaken.

“That’s a shame for that person, I’ve just been relying on maths alone, so I guess we’ll have to see if I can do it again,” he said. He then immediately hung up.

At the bottom of his semi-official Insta missive, Kairouz noted: “This statement is for comedic purposes only. For health advice, please visit the NSW Government website.”

That’s probably a wise thing to do.