All The Hectic Collectors On TikTok That’ll Put Your 12 Pitiful Beanie Babies To Shame


It’s no secret that TikTok is the ultimate tool for wasting time. I don’t know about you, but I have to limit the amount of time I spend on the app. Otherwise, I get sucked into all the weird and wonderful videos and a whole hour goes by without me even noticing.

The latest rabbit hole I’ve discovered is #CollectorCheck videos where people show off their collections – some of which are wild.

You’ve got your Harry Potter collectors, Marvel collectors, currency collectors and even sneaker collectors, but then there are also the mermaid collectors, war collectors and ‘dead things’ collectors. Yep, really.

Here are some of the wildest types of collectors I found:

1. Mermaid collector

OK, let’s kick things off with @mermaidsirenity . A professional mermaid (yep, it’s a thing) who has a lot of different tails and bras.

I had no idea this existed, but some of these tails are kinda cool? BRB, trying to figure out where I can buy one…


I’m fully aware I’m a mermaid hoarder 🥴 #collectorcheck #mermaid #mermaidtiktok #mermaidtails #adultmoney #moodbooster #thatshot

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

2. Snake collector

The more I watch this one, the more I’m starting to think these guys are… cute? Mandee, who goes by @mvndeelynn on the app, shared in the comments that she has 27 snakes in total!


Just a few of them 😅 #ballpython #hognose #westernhognose #tricolorhognose #blueeyedleucistic #lavender #fyp #snake #StepandFlex

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

3. Gore props collector

Honestly, when I first saw this video, I had no clue what exactly @aryuna.tardis was collecting. But a look through the comments revealed it was, in fact, gore props! Look, not for me, but who am I to judge?


coollector check😏 instagram:ARYUNATARDIS

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

4. Star Wars collector

OK, there are Star Wars collectors and then there are Star Wars ~collectors~. TikTok user @starwarsreplicas is the latter, with a museum-style room showing off all the memorabilia they’ve collected over the years. They’ve got a life-sized R2-D2 and even a Han Solo frozen in carbonite!


#collectorcheck #starwars #mancavecheck #dreamroomcheck #fyp

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

5. Horror collector

This one is sure to give you nightmares…TikToker @ilikescary77 has a whole room dedicated to horror film memorabilia and it’s all seriously lifelike. You can keep your Chucky doll and that nun, thanks.


My Horror Collection🎃‼️#horror #horrortok #killerklowns #michaelmyers #fyp #leprechaun #horrorcollector #horrorcollections #horrorchallenge #scary

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

6. Toy Story collector

Something a little more my speed, @toystory_france has a crazy amount of Toy Story stuff, including a Stinky Pete outside of his box! One TikTok commenter summed it up by writing, “Tell me you’re Al from Al’s Toy Barn, without telling me you’re Al from Al’s Toy Barn.”


Thank you all for the love ❤️ #forky #toystory #disney #toys #pixar #buzzlightyear #woody #toystoryland #buzzlightyear #disneyland #collectorcheck #up

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

7. War collector

I was not expecting this guy to have legit tanks at his house, but somehow he has three! TikTok user (OK, so maybe his username should have given it away) has a crazy collection that includes tanks, rifles, grenades and more. When asked by a follower how he managed to get his hands on a tank, he revealed it was pretty simple, “I literally found it.” Crazily enough, all the tanks are still working.

#ww2 #ww1 #military #army #tanks #rikki_vet #history #sas

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

8. Taxidermy collector

TikToker @ourdeerlydeparted collects taxidermy animals and has a wide variety including deer, dingos, horses, and more. But beware, if you love animals and have a weak stomach, you might not want to watch all the way through the below video. (Dip out when you see the the red lechwe to miss the worst of it.)


Collector check ✨taxidermy edition✨ #taxidermy #oddities #collectorcheck

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

9. Merman ornament collector

I had never seen these before, but now I’m obsessed. TikToker @malibustacy2003 shared her collection of December Diamonds mermen ornaments and they are the best thing I’ve seen all day. And judging from the comments, I’m not the only one, with one user writing, “OK, but tell me why I am not obsessed with this…”


Ayo! Collector check! #decemberdiamonds #mermen #lgbt #pride #lovemermaids

♬ Collector Check – Samantha

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