Tigerair Flight Forced To Land In Sydney After Potential ‘Threat’ Onboard

A Tigerair flight from Sydney to Melbourne was forced to land last night after the cabin crew was made aware of a potential security threat onboard.

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The captain of Flight TT271 was made aware of the issue shortly after taking off at 6:40pm, and the flight returned to Sydney Airport around 8:30pm as a precautionary measure.

It was met by a large contingent of emergency services, including officers from the Australian Federal Police.

After landing, passengers were advised to stay seated with their phones switched off. Those onboard were kept on the tarmac for several hours, and were permitted to disembark around 11pm.

Passengers were subjected to security screens before being allowed to leave the airport.

No injuries were reported in the incident, and police have not made any arrests.

The precise nature of the threat is unclear, but Channel Nine reports that police have characterised it as written and “indirect”.

New South Wales Police will continue to investigate the incident.