All over the world right now, dogs are loving the fact that their owners are home pretty much all day, which means that they are hitting peak amounts of attention, treats and cuddles. As the boredom of isolation sets in, dogs are also helping their owners pass the time, and this has led to the birth of a truly wholesome trend – the tic tac toe challenge.

You may have seen it cropping up on your Instagram feeds, but essentially, how it works is that owners draw up a tic tac toe grid, put a delicious doggie treat in each square, then invite their puppers to play until somebody wins. Here’s how it works, as demonstrated by the very handsome Instagram star Enzo the Samoyed:

Honestly, I think that dogs may have a shaky grasp on what this actually is, and may just love the fact that they get to be part of something, but it’s still cute as heck.

Some people are pitting their dogs against each-other:

While some poor pups seem confused by the whole concept of tic tac toe:

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Bored of Board Games

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I made my own dogs Harry and Sophie do this, and it took them a while to get the hang of it but we got there:

I could watch these all day: