Brace yourselves, because barely two weeks after the last triple threat thunderstorm, Eastern Australia is expecting to see another “nasty supercell”, with the potential of tornadoes forming too. Can the apocalypse please give it a rest??

Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe has warned that the rain hammering the east coast of Australia could turn into a supercell thunderstorm event later this week, around Thursday.

Sharpe said the rain will give way to a little bit of sunshine, which isn’t the good news you think it is, because the extra heat will make conditions ripe for a thunderstorm. And apparently, on Thursday things could get “really explosive”.

“Dangerous thunderstorms will spread across eastern NSW and southeastern QLD. Thursday’s storms look nasty. There is a high chance of multiple supercell storms developing – the most dangerous type of storm,” he said.

“There is even the chance that a couple of tornadoes could form within these cells like they did a couple of weeks ago near Bathurst, Narrabri and Horsham.”

Yes, you read that right. Not only will there be multiple storms, but there’s a chance that a couple *screams internally* of tornadoes will form within the oncoming storms, less than a fortnight since the last freak tornado hit central NSW.

Three people were injured, powerlines were tipped over and a house was demolished during that storm, and the pics are honestly from my nightmares.

Sharpe said the storms will likely continue into Friday morning for southern QLD before moving to central east areas.

“A few showers and storms into the afternoon of Friday for eastern NSW as well,” he said.

The Bureau of Meteorology has also announced the possibility of La Niña events developing, which is a type of weather event caused by increased rainfalls, cooler daytime temperatures and warmer overnight temperatures. It usually means greater tropical cyclone numbers, which is not what I want to hear right now, thanks.

Add Victoria’s literal earthquake (!!!) and the global pandemic we are currently battling, and all I want to do is bunker down with my besties and never experience the real world again. Quite frankly I’ve had enough of my 2021 apocalypse bingo card.