Three NSW Greyhound Trainers Have Copped Jail Time For Live-Baiting

The RSPCA have released a statement on today’s jail sentences for three greyhound trainers in New South Wales, who now hold the very dubious honour of being the first in Australia to cop hard time for live-baiting offences.

John and Tony Cauchi were both served with 18-month sentences today for using live rabbits to “blood” the dogs they were training; while Tony’s sentence was suspended as the result of an intellectual impairment, his brother John is up for a 12-month non-parole period in detention. 
Combined, the pair plead guilty to a total of fifteen offences related to animal cruelty.
Another trainer, Ian Morgan, was handed a 12-month sentence for using a possum to train one of his dogs, and the ABC reports all three men have been barred from having any contact with animals for the next 20 years. 
The RSPCA’s David OShannessy said “a jail sentence sends a very strong message,” and that when live-baiting, “pain, distress and suffering is completely disregarded to train a racing dog, which is ultimately for financial gain.”
Previously, the Cauchis had argued their charges warranted more lenient sentencing due to rabbits being an invasive species; OShannessy straightened that out at the time, saying “native animals, non-native animals or pest species” are all undeserving of being turned into dog-lures.