Prosecutors in Mexico say that they have detained three men in connection to the suspected killing of Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman in the state of Sinaloa.

The three men are described as being “low-level drug dealers”, who were operating as part of a highway robbery gang, robbing motorists as they travelled south on a stretch of road leading south through Navolato.

State prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera told media of the arrests. It is alleged that that the men killed Lucas and Coleman after they resisted a robbery attempt, then poured gasoline on their van and set it on fire. 

Earlier this week, two charred bodies were found inside a burned-out van whose identification numbers matched one owned by Coleman, which he purchased in Canada.

The bodies have yet to be positively identified, however, on Thursday, an official in Mexico said that they were found with gunshot wounds, making it likely that the victims were killed by gunfire.

Higuera says that two other suspects connected to the highway robbery gang – thought to be unaffiliated with any of the major drug cartels operating in the area – remain at large.

via News Corp
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