Usually we’d be bringing you the news of nice hot weather arriving for a long weekend with a sense of calm and buoyant joy about the good times in-store for you all, but this particular weather update comes with a side of “WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?”

It was literally three days ago that the heat reached such insane heights for this time of year that NSW recorded its first 40-degree September day since the beginning of records themselves, with QLD as well seeing unseasonably hot early-Spring weather such as Brissie hitting 34.

Well it looks old mate The Sun, hasn’t finished with his current fuckery, with weather nerds now informing us that records are set to tumble again this coming week.

Bourke, out in NSW’s west, was one of the towns that hit the record 40 degrees last weekend, and is once again gonna stew in its juices with an expected 42 degrees en route tomorrow, which will, again, take out the “Hottest September Day in NSW Ever” trophy.

Trumping that however is the expected 43 degrees coming to Birdsville in regional QLD, which, as you guessed it, will be the HOTTEST SEPTEMBER DAY IN AUSTRALIAN RECORDED HISTORY.

Closer to the coast and Brisbane is looking to hit 37 degrees on Thursday, which we’ll remind you once again, is insanely hot for it being not even a month out of winter.

Scott Williams, senior forecaster on the Bureau of Meteorology’s extreme weather desk (EXTREME!), told ABC it is indeed an “unusual, intense, early-season event”, before assumedly doing a nollie on his skateboard and into a half-pipe.

Some [of the predicted temperatures] would break records by as much as two to three degrees, so it’s very significant.

No shit Scottie.

Whilst the rest of the major cities are keeping it mostly on par for September for the week, these consistently broken records are a scary look into a future where we haven’t properly tackled this whole climate change bizzo.

Stay cool Queenslanders and have a 4XXXX for us. You deserve it putting up with this bullshit heat.

Source: ABC News
Image: The Terminator