So you know those ‘Make Smashed Avocado Affordable Again‘ hats we were joking about yesterday?

They’re now actually for sale.

Sydney designer Drew Kilpatrick fanged the design together yesterday in response to millennials ’round the country rising up from their smashed avo brunches to spit red hot fire at The Australian‘s Bernard Salt, after his suggestion these very brunches are one of the reasons we can’t afford a house. (Hint: it’s not.)

After our story ’bout Kilpatrick’s design went fuggen’ off chops, he decided that yeah, there was very definitely a market for this hat and he better start producing the thing.

“We thought we’d take the opportunity to earn a bit more cash to splash on smashed av’ and getting smashed,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

His online marketplace, is now live and has just one product for sale: the ‘Make Smashed Avocado Affordable Again’ hat ($25), now available for pre-order. They’ve already had about 30.

Photo: Supplied.