Those Fkd Anti-SSM Posters Are Already Being Covered With Msgs Of Equality

So here’s how you make the best of a bad situation. Yesterday we detailed the yarn about how some extremely homophobic anti-marriage equality posters – complete with pseudoscience statistics from a repeatedly-discredited Catholic Reverend – were popping up in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

The posters, aside from being overtly hateful and wildly offensive, attempted to relay stats from a “study” self-published by a noted anti-LGBTQI+ Reverend from a US-based Catholic university, which took a skewed, cherry picked sample-size of just 20 and extrapolated its biased and bigoted results to the greater population. Or, in more succinct terms, it was complete horseshit with no basis in reality.

The good news today, however, is that the awful goddamned things have already been covered up with messages of love and equality, and there’s a promise to cover up more in the coming weeks should they appear.

VicUnions has replaced the shitty posters with simple, un-branded “YES!” campaign posters on Little Bourke St in Melbourne’s CBD, with the site of the offending bullshit now awash in rainbow.

VicUnions has also offered to cover up any more hateful posters brought to their attention by Tweeting at them the location.

The Union-backed Yes campaign has also put up PDFs of other posters that people can print out and hang wherever they want if they choose to.

Also a casual reminder that you have until this Thursday, August 24th to enrol to vote or update your details with the AEC. You can check your status via this link. Do it. Do it do it do it do it do it.