Twitter Is Mourning The Death Of Thomas, The Blind Bisexual Polyamorous Goose

thomas blind bisexual polyamorous goose

It’s been a sad couple of weeks in Bird World, a.k.a. New Zealand.

First, we were shaken by the sudden passing of Nigel “No Mates” the gannet, who fell in love with a concrete replica on a lonely island off the coast of Wellington.

Now, we must contend with the tragic death of Thomas, a bisexual polyamorous goose who spent 24 years in love with a black swan called Henry, and helped raise no fewer than 68 cygnets with Henry and Henry’s other life partner, Henrietta.

Thomas’s many years in the swan love triangle have captured the hearts of the internet, because apparently in 2018 there’s nothing we love more than bird-related tearjerkers.

Thomas moved to a sanctuary after Henry died in 2009, and Henrietta flew off with another swan. He lived at the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust from 2013, where despite going blind, he fostered several broods of cygnets and lived to the ripe age of 40.

The trust said:

You were a true inspiration for the work we do and the things we are able to achieve for the animals in our care. He was such a special boy and a wonderful character. Thomas, our good friend, we miss you wholeheartedly but may you rest in peace.

He’ll be buried alongside Henry, the love of his life, in a public ceremony later this month. RIP Thomas, you beautiful horny bird. May your memory live on as a beacon for the rest of us.